Project Description

Gluten Free Food Restaurant – Maria Gomez is a Celiac.  She is gluten intolerant and has a bad reaction if she eats food or drink containing gluten. Finding gluten free food in her local supermarket was difficult enough, however finding gluten free food on the go was a major problems.  Especially if she was on vacation or working outside her normal area.

Maria’s idea was to create and iPhone app that would display on a map restaurants withing 1/4m mile of where she was standing. After selected a restaurant Maria wanted the app to direct her to the restaurant door!  Maria had lots of support from restaurants she contacted but no idea how things would work technically. Maria contacted us through one of our clients and told us her problem. The GluTown project enables us to showcase the full range of skills available at CyberNexus.  To build the gluten free food restaurant finder we needed to;

Design & Build an iPhone App and make it downloadable from he apple store
Create a brand (name & logo)
Design & Produce an InfoMercial
Design, Build & Host a website
Design a Facebook group
Create & Manage a Twitter viral campaign
Create & Manage a Facebook viral campaign
Create & Manage a YouTube viral campaign

The Glutown Gluten Free Food Restaurant app has received a lot of praise with 30,000+ downloads.  It now refers to a database of gluten free eateries covering USA, UK, Italy, France, Australia and Japan. It is easily the largest database of gluten free eateries in the world.  The Facebook group has 6,000+ followers and there are over 150,000 followers on Twitter.

All this was achieved in less than 11 months!