How to Convert Visitors to Buyers

I n the World Wide Web, the Universe of Websites, content is the Guru. But the primary objective of a website is to transform the content into buyers or at least probable buyers who can be re-targeted.
To fetch more buyers, at first you need to find what customers actually want?

You should be aware of what catalyses them to act back. The question that lights up in the minds of every customer is what good it will bring to them if they buy a product/service? You have to to hit the right switch that lights up the minds of the buyers. And that switch which will make you to reap in buyers is the content. Lot of background research is required to design your content switch. Once you master that design, you are the King.

Here are the top ways to attract buyers through content:

Getting the users sign up to your Website using their email address is specialised technique. Only 5 % of the users will buy your services at the first visit to your website. Hence if you capture the contact details of the users, you can easily re-target them.
Using the contact information of the visitors, you can mail them various promotional offers and other information time to time. This will make the visitors interested to buy your services at a point of time.
Mostly the sign up option is provided in the side bar and header of a website. There are also some innovative websites that asks visitors to provide their email id through an in-page pop-up.

Conducting contests and providing give away offers is a smart way to maintain a steady traffic flow to your website. When you give prizes to the contest winners and announce Limited Period Offers, it will make the visitors to visit your website now and then in search of such contests and offers. This will eventually transform the visitors of your website to buyers.

Visitors won’t believe the services provided by your website instantly. They definitely expect a proof before trying their penny on it. Case studies will help you at this point. Whatever content you put in doesn’t matter, people looks at results. If you are able to prove the visitors that your services provide good results, then eventually they end up as buyers.
Apart from providing a success story in the Case study if you include pictures and videos it will further enhance the confidence of the visitors to buy your services. You can also share these videos in Social Networking sites to bring in more buyers.

For a commercial website that aims at transforming content into leads, eye-catching and purposeful CTAs forms the backbone. Organising the content in the website should be done similar to the format of a Newspaper where Ads are given the priority and smartly the content being fitted in. This increases your probable buyers .Hence an attractive website design with smartly organised content and ads will make you succeed.
The CTAs can be fitted in any part of the website such as Sidebars, Footers, and Headers etc. But most of the time you have to bring out the creativity in you and design CTAs that are innovative and catchy.
Once I was mind blown by this innovative CTA that I found in one of the Website. The CTA that is present at the right corner of the page remains freezed how much ever you scroll down the page. This CTA is an innovative one which compels for an action at every point the user reads the content. This type of creative CTAs will definitely make the readers to click over it.
But you should not forget to maintain a balance between content and CTAs. Your content should definitely of some use to the customer. Filling the entire page with CTAs with little and non informative content will annoy the reader.

A Testimonial is a short version of a case study. Usually Testimonial is a positive review from your customer who is completely happy with your services/products. You should provide some space in your website to capture these testimonials. A Testimonial adds more value to the reliability of your services. You should also enable buyers to leave feedbacks in your official Face book or Google + page which also prove useful.

The word Pop-up is annoying many internet users since a very long time. Now a days every browser comes with a Pop-up blocker. But studies say that websites that uses pop-ups for content marketing brings in more customers when compared to websites that don’t use it. Aren’t they contradictory? But there are ways to include Pop-ups in your website that are less annoying.
For an instance you can lag the pop-up time by few seconds, so that the pop-up will start only after a particular time. This pop-up technique gives some amount of time for the users to read the content and get some use of it. Once I saw a website with pop-up window only at the bottom right corner of the page which pops up only when you scroll the page down. Unless the pop-ups are annoying, you are the winner.

Trust building is an important part in online business. Your visitors don’t get a chance to meet you personally or your website’s representative. Then how will visitors trust your website as many online frauds are prevalent in the World Wide Web? Trust Badges helps you in this.
Getting a trust badge from companies like Mcafee, VeriSign, Comodo etc will make buyers to feel safe and secure while buying your services or products.
If you don’t have enough budget to acquire a trust badge then adding Social networking Buttons in your website like Facebook and Twitter buttons will help building trust to some extent.

The contact forms in your website should be easily reachable by the visitors in case if they want to contact you for any help or clarifications. If the contact form is not at the reach of a visitor, then eventually you will lose one of your potential buyers. You can also use live chat option which will help you to gain more buyers.

Huge following in Social networking sites like face book, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn etc will help you to reach out to more number of potential buyers. Keep your Social Networking pages highly active by conducting contests, polls etc. This will make you gain more followers.
It is not necessary that the followers of your Social Networking Page to become your buyers. But they can spread out word of mouth to their friends and family about your products and services, who may be interested in buying. This process goes on like a chain reaction and helps you to reap in more buyers.

Displaying your contact number clearly is more than a thumb rule while designing your website. But many small and medium sized websites fail to do so thereby loosing huge number of potential buyers. Phone numbers should be visibly displayed in the header and also at the end of the content.

The content of your website should eventually aim at transforming visitors to buyers. But many website owners give preference to getting higher Website Rankings. Don’t forget the fact that you run business not for rankings but for profits which will come out of increased buyers.