SEO Training London

CyberNexus SEO Training is now available in London’s West End from two locations; Margaret Street or Charlotte Street.   If you want to increase website traffic this the course for you.  After completing our SEO training you will know the keywords your customer are using to search for your product or service.  You will also find out what SEO techniques your top competitors are using.

You will learn:

  • How Search Engines Think
  • Link Popularity
  • Search Keyword Selection
  • Web Page Submission
  • SEO – What to Avoid
  • Search Engine-Specific Optimization
  • Site Design in Search Engine Optimization
  • Promoting Your Web Hosting/E-commerce Web Site

And lots more! Plus, you get 30 day’s free SEO mentoring when you successfully complete any five day SEO training course through CyberNexus.

Our training is designed specifically for individuals, start-up, micro and small business who have or are about to create a website.  The focus is in getting low cost search engine traffic.  We assume you don’t have a large budget and need ‘value for money’ SEO marketing. This course is suitable for anyone who is able to build a simple website. If you are uncertain about your skills level please contact us.

CyberNexus SEO Training London offers 1,2, and 5 day courses in SEO starting for as little as £90 for the one day SEO introduction course.   SEO training classes are scheduled every two months starting in January 2016. Classes begin at 10am and end at 5pm.  Refreshments available throughout the day.  All of our courses give you plenty of time to practice your new skills. You have the option of working on your laptop or one of our PC’s. -All prices exclude VAT

After attending one of our courses we are contactable via email to answers any questions you may have.  See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

5 Great Reasons To Choose Us?

Take your learning beyond “search engine marketing” to the next level of real conversions once customers find your site more easily.