Selling Services Online


t is relatively easy to sell products online. Just create a product page. How does one get to sell services online? It is undoubtedly tougher to sell services online than products.


Online content that describes a service should focus on the possibility of working with someone, a new client, without a sales pitch or making any commitment or giving any impression of offering a commitment. It sounds like a tall order, but it can immensely help sell your services over online platforms.


Explain what the prospect will experience at every single stage of the services offered. This will give a customer a better grip on the situation. They will feel empowered right from the start. The transparency offered helps build trust amongst the parties.

The prospect will be immensely comforted if informed in advance about the date of delivery or completion of the service provided. Whenever we fail to answer these critical and crucial questions in our webpage copy, we make a fatal mistake.


Roy H. Williams said “people go only to places that they have already visited in their minds.” Now there are ways to explore both of these scenarios. First, we can easily get the prospect to trust us and benefit from our services offered, as well as to get the prospect to imagine the entire user experience and enjoy it too. There are plenty of strategies that will ensure something like this, but let us first explore what I like to call “Mental Walk-through”. It is something like a mental picture of what a prospect feels while working with you. Buttons that read like, “Project Timelines” can be very effective in getting the message across.

Selling services online is easy once you know what’s involved. Here’s 7 tips that will guarantee success.

The user needs to be informed about the various phases and stages of the process and all that it involves. The various stages that a service progresses through. It will give your potential consumers an idea of what to expect, especially if you do things in a manner that not only saves their time, but also ensures that they get better results.


After all, the supply chain of a service is as important as the supply chain of a product and in getting the best possible service; it becomes rather important for the users to have a grasp of things. Learning how to make this step work for you is the trick to a successful delivery of service and when your potential consumers read through the process they know that they will be making an informed choice. You have the option of hooking your consumer onto your brand of service by counseling them beforehand. Also, it helps them understand that you care enough to let your consumer feel included in the entire process.


The consumers need to be informed about the results they can expect and all the benefits they can derive by using your particular brand of service. The consumers will learn about all the benefits they can possibly get, such as assured results or a fixed percentage increase or the time they save, the cost saved or any other added benefits. It will definitely be of immense interest to any potential consumer.


In this stage, the customer want to know how much information they can get from you before they have to buy something or you start giving serious sales pitches. You can go for the “take your time, have a look around and get back to us if you need more information” approach or you can go in hard with the “Only bother me if you want to buy something because I’m far too busy to have my time wasted” option. if option two is true opting for it will usually mean you won’t be busy for long…

ourservicesWe are a generation spoilt for choices and we expect nothing less from anyone that we expect to wait on us or provide us with a service. Talk about all the different options that a service comes with and talk about all the customizations you are willing to offer.


They instill trust amongst potential consumers as they read through various testimonials that often function as word of mouth publicity as well as a validation for your claims.

Use imaginative images and video files to attract a consumer and to make the website more interactive. Once you capture the imagination of your potential consumers, a lot of thoughts will germinate and they will sprout roots. These files can add no end to justification of your purpose of a “walk through”.

Now most people will tell you to divulge little, when it comes to revealing all the downsides attached to your business. However, my suggestion would be to be candid with your consumers about all the downsides that might be a part of the process.


If something doesn’t work and you candidly admit it, not only will it project you as a very sincere person, but also it will make you sound better in the minds of your consumers. You will be respected and by admitting your own glitches in the process, you will also come across as one of the average Joe’s in the minds of the consumers. They would be likely to trust you more than people who don’t admit that they have a problem, whereas, let’s face it… everything in the world can be improved!