What is Whiteboard Animation / Video Scribing?

I t’s the best way to captivate visitors, convert more prospects, create more opt-ins & explain your message. White board animation videos or video Scribing videos, is the visual real-time capture, processing, and representation of data. This iteration could be in various forms such as flowcharts, pictorial forms, words, diagrammatic representations, cartoons as well as hierarchies. Video Scribing is quite versatile and has a number of uses such as in social media, software, marketing, finance, how to, electronic, directional, sports and presentation videos. It can be also be used in the information technology sector as well as for fund raising and in non profit organisations.

Usually, an efficient speech completely stuns the audiences and encourages them. However, after a few days, they would barely remember any content or points of the speech or lecture. Similarly, even in case of a written presentation or even a verbal one, no individual can retain such information for a long period. In fact it has been vindicated that retention of any presentation is ten percent in case of a written one, thirty five percent in case of a visual one and 65 in case of an oral and visual presentation. To meet these shortcomings, we resort to scribing videos.


This issue of the audiences not being able to recall the content of a particular topic after a few days is dealt with on this link Developing Effective Presentation. We have seen a huge improvement when an audience can see a scribe video.

Most efficient people who talk in front of an audience make sure to devote considerable time to their subject matter so that they make an inspiring presentation. Keep in mind, that video scribing is not only relevant and beneficial to people verbally addressing a large audience and making speeches, but also to reporters, editors, bloggers, journalists and every such individual who is trying to get a message through. So, this includes politicians, teachers, parents as well as bloggers.


Their aim is to stimulate the audiences as well as impart them with knowledge and inspire transformation and ensure that they are so touched by the presentation that they respond with praises and ovations. However effective you think your presentation might be, with a touch of CyberNexus’s video scribe your speech will become even more inspiring and there will be greater impact. You don’t need only an ovation or temporary inspiration; your thoughts should create a permanent impact on the minds of the people; so retention is important. This is how video scribing will help you achieve your goals.


CyberNexus very recently made a presentation with the help of video scribing. The impact of this presentation was scintillating, the large audiences were awe-struck and the whole video presentation captures their uninterrupted attention and created the required impact. Video scribing could work miracles, even for you!

Now, if you are an entrepreneur, you make way into the minds of the people and to communicate your thoughts, you resort to means such as business cards, a written business plan or proposal and your business details. However what you need to realise is mere written communication may not always suffice.

You need to create a permanent and effective impact on the mind of the recipient, which needs a visual impact to stimulate and inspire the people. Video scribing is hence your solution as through videos it ensures a visual tie with the audiences. Although I love reading and respect literature, I have read innumerable articles, books, blogs, business cards; however much to my disappointment, I can hardly retain, in spite of the efficiency in the presentation.


In fact, education in schools and colleges would be at its best if visual aid and video presentations are used. The human brain responds to its visual memory and consequently ensures retention of visual data. In fact it has been vindicated that pictorial representations and visual graphics instantly create an impact on the brain, especially when it detects danger or negativity. Visual and video representations reach out to the minds and hearts, and definitely create a more long-lasting impact than mere written or oral representation.


Video scribing is indeed very effective. This can be very well illustrated with the theory that any data is retained by the human brain in written or verbal forms as well as in a visual form, so the best possible retention occurs if the same information has an oral as well as visual impact on the audiences. This has been vindicated by the dual coding theory of memory. So, video scribing is your perfect option.

The above theory has been vindicated by studies and researches in the long run. Let us illustrate a few of them. In a study, Shepard, 1967; an audience was made to look at 600 pictorial representations, written representations in form of words and sentences. When the retention was instantly examined, it was 98% for pictures, 90% for sentences, and 88% for words.

In another case, Nickerson, 1968, 200 black and white pictures were presented to people and after 12 months the retention rate was 63%. In yet another study in 1970, Standing, Conezio, & Haber represented 2650 pictures each for a brief period of 10 seconds and within 72 hours there was a recognition test which showed about 90% accuracy. In another research, Reed and Barnsley in 1977, people were shown pictures and written sentences from books from primary school which they used almost two to three decades ago. It was vindicated here that pictorial presentations were retained more easily than written representations.


In yet another research in 1983, Stoneman & Brody vindicated that kids with oral as well as visual aids tend to retain more than children with only audio aids. So, all these researches prove that visual aids are a must to stimulate the recipient so that he can retain your presentation for a longer time. You can incorporate basic video in your daily presentations, and this is how it can be done.
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Video scribing is therefore a visual aid which will help you to stimulate the audiences, create a long-lasting impact, inspire your thoughts and attract attention towards your ideas. The audiences will be mesmerised at your ideas but it won’t just be a temporary affair. It is human tendency to picture everything you think. Pictorial thoughts are more prominent than simply verbal or written ones. For instance, of a person says ball, you will immediately in your head picture a ball, be it a tennis ball or a cricket ball.


In this competitive market, video scribing could be your marketing tool, giving you an edge over others, because with visual aids you can outshine your competitors and create an evergreen impact on the minds of your target audiences.