Project Description

website bed breakfast guest house – We have developed many websites for bed & breakfast, guest houses and hotels. The Roost is a small privately owned boutique B&B situated in Queens Park, London.

The proprietor had recently completely refurbished the property and wanted to create a website and start promoting it.  The website had to be created in time for a July 2012 launch. Unfortunately the proprietor had no experience in creating a website and the cost of the refurbishment meant only a small budget remained.  What she needed was someone to explain the web site creating process and give her advice and direction so she could do as much as possible herself.  The proprietor was a keen amateur photographer wanted to provide the photographs.

We met with the proprietor , discussed her requirements and gave her an overview of the process of creating a website and the various options and costs.  This meeting was free of charge.  Having decided to use our services we agreed on a way forward and work as consultants on an hourly fee basis.

Services provided;

Advice on website hosting company
Advice on how to write content and the SEO implications
Advice on Various marketing methods
Setup, design & built the website on a CMS
Setup Website advertising channels

The website was completed in a couple of weeks and went live on time.  We supported the owner until she felt confident enough to proceed on her own. Websites, Bed Breakfast Guest House